iphone developer vancouver My name is Don and I’ve been a Web and Mobile Developer since 2003! It’s a profession and a craft I am incredibly excited about!

My journey as a developer has taken me from working in research and development for a major educational institution, to working for a publishing company, to a startup software company and even to working on the Innovation team for one of the largest media companies in Canada!

Since 2004, I have been obsessed with Mobile Phones and the ability to write software that could be run on them by thousands or even millions of people! I started a mobile games company in 2006 building games that were available on everything from flip phones to BlackBerry devices.

Everything changed when the iPhone came out in June of 2007. It was a total game changer and I have been developing applications for it ever since. To me it’s the perfect mix of elegance and function. I learned everything I could about programming for the iPhone and devoured every book I could find. As I learned more, people started coming to me with ideas for apps they would like to see on the store. Since those encounters, I have been developing iPhone applications ever since.